Augmented Reality Agency For Custom AR Experience

Augmented reality is a tool to rethink design in limitless spaces and possibilities are endless with augmented reality. Custom AR experience delight users like they feel mesmerized in augmented reality. AR experience transform the way, no matter it is working, gaming, learning or communication. Augmented reality solutions blend the line of limit and create unique AR experience that exceeds the expectations.

Augmented Reality – Step Into Endless Possibilities

We are delivering immersive augmented reality that combines technical expertise and creative flair to build innovative and interactive AR experiences. Our augmented reality team merge digital world into real world for best AR experiences. Our AR studio apply augmented reality to anything ranging from promoting brand to interactive tool for employees.

Contact us us to get more information about how to build AR experience that beneficial to you. Our augmented reality agency can help you with big-screen AR, kiosk-based AR, mobile AR, augmented reality in wearables, social media AR filters or something completely new augmented reality experience!

  • Video Launch AR Experience
  • 3D Object Augmented Reality
  • 360 Degree Surround AR
  • Interactive Game AR Experience
  • Information Overlay Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Experience Types

Crafting experience in augmented world is one of the flagship services of our augmented reality agency. We are complete services provider augmented reality studio that create premium AR experiences for brands. Our custom AR experiences tell story through immersive medium and push the limits using augmented reality.

Creative services provider and innovative studio help brands to rediscover and apply power of creativity with best use of technology. Transform and Thrive with digitally powered and creatively inspired Motion Souls.

Augmented Reality Experiences Are Popularly Used in Real World and Marketing:

Experiencing augmented reality is unforgettable experience. Custom AR experience helps brands to engage the audience in exhibition, museums or in events. We are an augmented reality company in India creates readymade or custom AR experiences that entertain, engage, inspire, educate and inform. Enhance the experience by delivering new visual layer with augmented reality.

Custom AR Experience for Marketing

  • Trade Show / Events
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Catalogues / Magazines
  • Directly on packaging or product
  • In Store

Custom AR Experience in Real World

  • Medical
  • Education & Training
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Architecture, Design, Prototyping
  • Manuals
  • Manufacturing

Augmented reality is extremely useful in creating AR experience that interact and integrate people and 3D contents. At our augmented reality studio in India we just not provide AR solution but strive to identify and deliver ready to use augmented reality solutions that add value to our clients.

Why Augmented Reality Experiences Are Useful?

  • Unique User Experience
  • Attract Customers with Custom AR Experience
  • Increase Sales with Augmented Reality Solution
  • Great Functionality
  • Promote Brand with Unique Augmented Reality
  • Raise Engagement with Immersive Augmented Reality Experience

Creating augmented reality interactive and immersive experience is our passion and we build custom AR experience using next generation platforms. Our Augmented reality studio in India assists clients with from concept to execution including the initial idea, concepts, scripts, storyboards, 3D modelling, motion design to postproduction.

Motion Souls is an augmented reality company in India with strong focus on effective augmented reality solution. Our augmented reality solutions create exceptional and award winning AR experiences that designed using a unique process. We know how to use augmented reality to achieve wide range of business goals and immersive AR experience.

Process of Creating Immersive Custom Augmented Reality Experience:



Bringing Imagination to Life


In our augmented reality company studio in India we believe in providing custom augmented reality experience that help our clients in all aspects. We are creating AR experience for clients located across the world including USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, (Dubai) UAE, Germany, Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

With working on the future of immersive media to for flourish augmented reality experience we become a trusted AR agency in India. We are augmented reality company that create versatile AR solutions with focus on the end goal. We look ahead for creativity and innovation in augmented reality experience that create high impact on every professional area.

Print advertising, corporate communications, product placement, holiday cards, equipment walkthrough, point of sale, training materials, architectural designs and many more, possibilities of using augmented reality is endless. We are expert in creating AR experience and our we know how augmented reality experience can be useful for you specially in marketing.

How Augmented Reality Experience Can Be Used?

  • Direct Mail Augmented Reality
  • Sales Collateral Augmented Reality
  • Product Catalogues Augmented Reality
  • Packaging Augmented Reality
  • Event Marketing Augmented Reality

Innovative and functional augmented reality experience is our expertise. We are having wide range of talents proficient in augmented reality technology and it allow us to create wide range of creative AR experience. Understanding brands and their users, behaviour of user in AR space, creative visuals / contents allow us to make a great augmented reality experience.

Transform behaviours with augmented reality. Best AR experiences are already started to impact consumer, retail, sales, training, education, health, industrial, entertainment and many more. We as a perfect augmented reality partner of our clients know immersive technologies like AR increases user engagement. Captive, inspire and inform with custom AR experience.

Nothing goes viral like an awesome visual with great message and augmented reality is not only a creative medium but custom AR experience is also a business opportunity tool. Educate, connect and accelerate with creative augmented reality experience. We are augmented reality company that fuse technical knowhow of AR and innovative creativity then refine it till the “WOW” feeling.

Connections and Collaboration Fuels Competitive Advantage

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Motion Souls is progressive studio agency that places creative services at the heart of productivity and innovation. We ensure future-ready creative experiences for tomorrow.